Classroom Planning and Classroom Project Management

Master Teachers’ Focus

Master Teachers focus upon students…students’ learning styles…measurable student outcomes.

Planning and classroom management need to be streamlined and efficient, so that you can pay more attention to your students.

Strategic planning, reusable materials and automation are keys to success.

Teacher Self-Improvement and Professional Self-Development

Avenues to Teacher Self-Improvement and Professional Self-Development include:

  • Becoming an expert
  • Getting supervision, coaching or mentoring
  • Practicing specific skills each day
  • Testing improvements (Action Research)
  • Getting Specialists to Help You
  • Improving the School where you work

Learning Theories vs. What Works

Pay little or no attention to the theories of experts, authors, professors or Pop-Culture Wisdom.

Your student are the “Experts” in their learning, you are an observer and guide. Your role is to facilitate learning…but also thinking, creative ideas, problem-solving and decision-making skills and positive attitudes for productive living.

Planning and classroom project management must flow, friction-free. No-stress management is the key to reaching student outcome goals.